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If you're thinking “I need to sell my Coppell house fast for a fair price or terms. I don't want any Realtor fee and I want a no-hassle full-cash offer." We can help you! We buy houses in any price range, condition, or situation! We'll take it!

We’ll make you a fair full-cash offer. OFFERMECASH.COM® is Coppell's primary cash home buyer. It's simple to sell to us. We purchase the house “as-is” meaning no need for you to make any repairs. No need for Realtors, no need for any open houses, no "if approved" financing, and no time to waste.

If you need to sell your house in Coppell, we would like to buy it in cash!

Learn how simple the process is to sell your Coppell house to us with our "3 Step Home Buying Process.” 

You can either sell your Coppell house for a fair price or with great terms.

How We Buy Houses in Coppell

OFFERMECASH.COM® has a “3 Step Home Buying Process” for a house in Coppell. 


Here’s how it works . . .

Step One. You call us at (305) 930-3945 or fill in our OFFERMECASH.COM® form. We jot down some information about the property address and its conditions.

Step Two. We make you a free, no-obligation, fair cash offer. Get an “as-is” offer based on comparable properties in the area. Our offers are never contingent on getting approved for financing. We use our own cash: no banks involved.

Step Three. Get your money in days, not months. We can close on your terms. It is a simple and hassle-free process. No realtor fees, no repairs, yard signs, no open houses, no one in your business.

You can consider paying a real estate agent, but you should also consider...


- Agents charge a fee/commission on your well-earned equity even if you are the one that finds the buyer or they get you less than they said they would. 

- You are expected to fund and negotiate renovations and participate in ongoing house showings.


- Selling the OFFERMECASH.COM® way is a great option to sell your house fast, for a fair price or fair terms, without spending your hard-earned funds on making repairs and paying agent fees.


Coppell Premier Cash Home Buyer

Want to work with a transparent, trustworthy, and experienced cash homebuyer? OFFERMECASH.COM® is here to help with whatever you need! We have been buying houses in Coppell for years and we have helped homeowners sell their houses in various situations: code violations, need cash, major renovations, inherited house, relocation, foreclosure, eviction, delinquent taxes.

We are a local company. Contrary to national chains, we go see the house in person so we do not waste each other's time. We won’t give you a low-ball offer because we know the market values of houses in Coppell.

There is more info about OFFERMECASH.COM® on our site. Check it out!

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OFFERMECASH.COM® makes it easy to “sell my house in Coppell” quickly.


Ready for your fair cash offer? Just fill in our simple form above or below or call us at (305)930-3945 for your fair, no-hassle, no-obligation, all-cash offer!



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